Holy Uncontrollable Yawns Batman, It’s Date Night! Part Deux

How could I forget number six? My thoughts were once again tied up and in the gutter in anticipation of MY number six. Number six is one of my favs because I’m a single mom whose ex lives out of state. That means I don’t get many weekends off like a lot of single parents or have one week on, one week off like the ex and I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little guy like nothing on this planet. But give a bitch a break…I need some me time, some us time, some vodka time. So why didn’t I post yesterday? Why was I tied up for hours on end??

6.    Why not…have an afternoon delight? Take off from work early (please do this responsibly, don’t get fired over it), meet each other at the house (no kiddos!!) or at a hotel, break out the lingerie (I chose a corset and FMPs), toys, foods, VODKA, you name it. You have the place to yourselves and if you can get away early enough and the kids have after school care, you can have hours and hours of fun. He pleases you, you please him. Dirty talk, pillow talk. It’s never ending and you’ll find yourself scouring your calendar to find availability for your next clandestine tryst!!

Still Rockin’ It.
Scarlett Mom

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  1. Max says:

    This is a classic idea.

    I use to “Take a yoga class”. No one ever wonders where you are off to every Tuesday afternoon… Or why you need a shower as soon as you get home.

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