Evolve or Die Single: Now available on Amazon

Evolve or Die Single has been called the “dating bible” and “…a must read for anyone active in the dating scene” by Trish McDermott, the co-founder of Match.com.

Evolve or Die Single offers what no other dating guide can: straight forward advice for both men and women; straight talk about sex; advice that is not religious-based; grooming tips for you as well as for your home that need to be put into place before you even consider venturing back into the dating world; tips on manners and etiquette; how to talk to the opposite sex; great ideas on how to spice up a stale relationship or marriage; and it does it all with biting wit and humor.

Whether you’re divorced, never married, just starting a relationship, or feeling a bit bored in your marriage…there’s something in this book for you.

Check it out on Amazon or directly from my publisher (their costs are a little lower). I know you won’t be disappointed.

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Scarlet Mom

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About the author
I am a single mom & author. I write about dating, sexuality, health, parenting, and trying to have it all. My new book, "Evolve or Die Single," is a must-read for single men & women...it even has some sizzling tips for couples.

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