What is “Evolve or Die Single”?

So what is this book I keep promoting? Is it just for singles? Actually no! I am making a list for my publisher of everything this book has in it that other “dating” books don’t have and I thought I would share it with you. Before you dismiss the list because you’re already in a relationship or married, keep reading; there really is something for everyone.

This book:
- offers straight-forward advice for both men and women
- is not too touchy feely
- offers straight talk about sex
- offers tried and true grooming tips for yourself
- has grooming tips for your home that you need to put in place before entertaining
- helps you through a journey of self-discovery and healing after divorce
- discusses relationships that have a step-family dynamic
- gives you tips on manners and etiquette
- teaches you the proper way to taste and order wine
- discusses how to talk to the opposite sex
- discusses where a woman should be at 30, and at 40
- discusses what a man should know…about life and about women
- offers great ideas on how to spice up a stale relationship or marriage
…and does it all with humor!!

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About the author
I am a single mom & author. I write about dating, sexuality, health, parenting, and trying to have it all. My new book, "Evolve or Die Single," is a must-read for single men & women...it even has some sizzling tips for couples.

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