Do you cook with breast milk?

In the latest episode of Cafe Mom: Coffee Shop Confessions, a mom confesses to making mac & cheese for her kids using her own breast milk. She was out of milk so she improvised and used her pumped milk for her two-month-old. Her kids loved it and couldn’t get enough.

I’m a little squirmish about the whole thing but, if I play devil’s advocate for a second, it is natural and her kids probably consumed her breast milk at one point in their lives. Additionally, what is cow’s milk? Cow’s milk comes from the mammary glands of cows. Cows do not produce milk until they have had their first cow. Farmer’s keep the cows lactating artificially so that the cows can continue to give us milk. So really, it’s breast milk from a cow or breast milk from mom.

So what do you think? Are you grossed out? Is it ok? And have you ever done anything that requires a confidential confession? Email me at

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