Hetero vs. Homosexual parenting: Changing my stance?

The American family. A mom, a dad, 2.5 kids running amok. It screams the American dream. The traditional family holds traditional values and for many Americans it is only the traditional family, a female mom and a male dad, that can hold these values in high esteem for the world to see. So let’s take a good, hard look at one traditional family here in Houston in the good ‘ole US of A.

A few days ago, a one-year-old little girl was taken into the custody of CPS from a couple. She had been kept in a dog crate and was covered in roaches and feces. This traditional mom and dad, a male and female couple, were doing such a bang-up job that this was the 6th child taken from them. Additionally, they had starving animals on their property and were charged with animal cruelty. Shockingly, this was the only thing they were charged with.

Granted, this is an extreme example and obviously not all heterosexual parents are like this. But can we agree that not all heterosexuals make good parents?

Now, let’s look at this couple:

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, have adorable twins and seem to be amazing parents. They provide a loving, stable home and their children couldn’t ask for more love and adoration from any two parents. Do they not exemplify family values? Are they not creating values that they are passing on to their children? Educating them? Loving them? Creating something and contributing to society? How, exactly, are they harming anyone? Are they not, dare I say, just a tad better than our first couple? Yet they are hated. A plague upon this earth. Something to be detested and rid of. A hate to pass on to the next generation.


And for the bible-banging right, I give you this to read: I’m Christian, unless you’re gay. It’s the blog post heard around the world.

So have I changed my stance? Yes, I have. The next time one of my ultra-conservative friends starts in on me about gay marriage I’m going to politely raise my right hand, bitch slap them across their face, and tell them to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

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  1. Conner Craig says:

    Good post Scarlet Mom. IMO it should be love that defines the family, not gender.

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