Evolve or Die Single…is it for you??

People have been asking if my new book is for them. Well, here is what people are saying about it.

Trish McDermott, co-founder of Match.com said:

“Sexy and irreverent, you don’t want to skip a single page in this ‘No BS Guide to Dating.’ This book is a must read for anyone active in the dating scene.”

Readers on Amazon.com had this to say:

Michelle’s style is no nonsense, tough love–like a sister or a close friend. Her writing [is] never dull and often very entertaining, it is peppered with personal anecdotes and lots of good practical suggestions. For example, Michelle lists a very specific skin fair [sic] regimen early in the book with product recommendations and reasons why each was chosen.

I thought the book had two main themes: how to be the best version of yourself for your own sake, and then how to improve on certain areas to increase your attractiveness to potential partners. Michelle doesn’t hold back and blatantly lists some deal breakers–quit smoking, now, do it–but everything is balanced by a caring attentiveness.

The book helped me identify a few areas of grooming improvement and also reminded me that being authentic to who I am naturally is the most attractive thing I can possibly do. Michelle tackles specifics for both men and women, and also provides general advice that is applicable to both sexes.

Evolve or Die Single contains lots of great information and I have read it through more than once–in fact, writing this review reminds me of so many good bits that I’m going to flip through it again.

And this:

“Evolve or Die Single” is an excellent resource for those on the dating circuit, as well as containing good suggestions for those in a committed relationship. The author covers everything from makeup and grooming to dating safety and safe sex.

Michelle Roman Higgins has a good written voice and a straight-forward, take-no-prisoners attitude. She is clear and explicit in her suggestions for those jumping into, or back into, the dating pool. The author is funny, concise, and specific in her suggestions. I particularly liked the grooming suggestions about skin care that included product suggestions.

I think the book is not perfect, however. There were a couple of things I had trouble with – I found the author to be a bit overdone with regards to just how perfect one needed to be for the dating scene and I did get tired of the author’s apparent need to experience the perfect partner/date. I would have also liked more stories about good dates and dates gone wrong.

Please note the ‘apparent’ in the sentence above, as this is important – the author does emphasize her quest for the perfect person, but over and over and over she also tells the reader to embrace your BEST self and to put your best self out there. And that is the point of the book – how to put your best self forward and that anything less then that is unfair to your potential partner and, more importantly, to you.

I will close with this – ‘Evolve or Die Single’ is not a single-read book. I will go back and re-read it again in a few months and see what I get out of it again. I’ve already put several of the author’s suggestions to good use and into my daily routine and I look forward to re-reading the book for more suggestions I missed the first time around. Moreover, the depth of the book requires a good couple of readings to get out all the gems.

As Michelle Roman Higgins would say – sit down with a good glass of wine, put on some good music, and read ‘Evolve or Die Single.’ And enjoy it.

So give it a shot. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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I am a single mom & author. I write about dating, sexuality, health, parenting, and trying to have it all. My new book, "Evolve or Die Single," is a must-read for single men & women...it even has some sizzling tips for couples.

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