“Oh you stupid bitch!”

The other day, while driving with the little guy home from lunch, I accidentally muttered, “Oh you stupid bitch” at another driver. I’m basically a calm driver, certainly not like Matt LeBlanc’s wife in the show Episodes, but this did give me a chance to explain my actions and about courteous driving to my son.

At our house, we don’t have a swear jar; we have an understanding that there are some things that adults can say and do that kids cannot. That’s life and sometimes life isn’t fair. When I uttered these words my son said, “Oooh mommy, isn’t that a swear word?” I told him that yes, it was, but that the woman in front of me did a very rude thing.

We were trying to pull out onto a very crowded road and instead of stopping just short of the drive we were pulling out of she stopped right in front of me, making it impossible for me to pull out. I calmly explained this to him and how it would have been so much more thoughtful of her to let us out and be on our way. I did tell him that I shouldn’t have said that and apologized because it’s not nice to call people names. Something that is important for him to see is that I’m not perfect and trying to live up to such an impossible standard would cause even more problems for him than hearing me call someone a bitch.

He doesn’t seem to be marred by the incident and life continues as it was before. :)

How do you handle situations like this? Do you let your kids hear you cuss? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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