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As you may have noticed, I am very critical of relationships and how people treat each other inside of a relationship..how people treat each other in general. I believe that couples should be supportive of each other and seek to identify each others strengths and always build upon those.

Yesterday, with an hour to kill before yoga and looking to “dumb down” after an incredibly stressful weekend, I happened upon Giuliana & Bill. I am not a reality television person but I clicked on it just when they were talking about her breast cancer and having to use alternative methods in order to have a baby. Using alternative methods to create a family is something I can relate to so I started watching.

My only “interaction” with Bill Rancic was on The Apprentice so I pretty much expected him to be a tough business man with that usual “I’m a man and I take care of business” attitude. I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

First, despite their busy travel and work schedules, he made it to every one of her doctor appointments. Let’s face it, they do have a life that a lot of us dream of having but he could have easily just dropped in on every couple of appointments and just made a showing. Instead, he proudly proclaimed that his role had changed and his top priority was making sure his wife was cared for and recovered. He drove her to each appointment and supported her through every word of bad news delivered. It was incredible to watch. What a true hero of a spouse.

Next, he was always there to help with advice and in making the difficult decisions for her care. When deciding about a double mastectomy, there were no jokes (trust me, many men would) only caring words and “I don’t care” when it comes to appearance. Loving someone means loving them no matter what their appearance, especially through a traumatic illness.

Finally, and the most shocking, was during a retreat. Each person was required to walk across a log that was up in the air. Bill took them on this wilderness event hoping to show Giuliana how she could overcome her fears and overcome cancer. Each of them did it but when it came time for Giuliana, she just couldn’t do it; she was too scared. I held my breath wondering what Bill would say. Would he be mad? Would he chastise her for not pushing herself? Many men would. Instead, he hugged her and turned it around saying how she really did overcome many of her fears because she did climb up to the log and that overcame her fear of heights. Additionally, she took one step onto the log and that symbolized the first steps they have taken together towards fighting the cancer and overcoming their fears. I was so touched by how supportive he was; what a loving husband and wonderful friend he is to her.

I understand that the cameras are running in their world but wouldn’t it be nice if we could always find it within ourselves to offer up the same love, support, and compassion to our loved ones? When our spouse does his our her best but it’s not up to our standards, instead of showing disappointment let’s show encouragement and support. When our children bring home Bs instead of As but you know they studied hard, let’s again show encouragement and support and offer up a “great job” and celebrate that B just as vibrantly as you would an A. Self-esteem breeds the will-power to bring your A-game to any relationship.

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